Speed dating tall people london

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I’m with him on this, and the evening is certainly less awkward than a regular speed-dating event.However, not even Dirty Scrabble eliminates small talk, and despite the tone being set by words such as T-O-N-G (tongue) and R-O-G-E-R, I am still asked where I live and what I do.It can get quite messy,” he says, “I have to roll people out!”The men remain in their seats, and each time I move, I gain an insight into how their previous date went by the words left on the Scrabble board.

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”On my second glass of wine, I write K-I-N-K with a T where a K should be, because really, who cares by now?They’re planning to host them every two months at the same venue.Of Tuesday’s bunch of blokes I think less than half were actually vegan.One such was Michel, 27, who likes to travel on his own (flies to Reykjavik this weekend with no plans but to hire a bike), with piercing blue eyes and dressed in a sharp suit.I gave him the compliment but don’t remember much apart from that from our three minute date.

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