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Of course, if you've ever had a past-life regression with a skilled hypnotherapist, you'll be able to tap into your past life memories and retrieve amazing amounts of information about reincarnation. Each incarnation brings with it our past lessons for us to improve on and challenges for us to work through. As such, there's really no bad karma in that sense. Of course, it's fun to learn about your thousands of past lives!

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But the best part about tapping into your past lives is Karmic blocks are those pesky things that we experience in our current lifetime and hold us back from being, doing and having as much as we were born to have!

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If you've ever “clicked” with a person–had that feeling that you've known them your entire life–then you've likely met one of your soul mates from a previous lifetime. Sometimes these lessons are painful but you chose to experience them in this lifetime to make you life BETTER.

If you've ever experienced deja-vu: that feeling that you've been somewhere before (even though it's your first time there), it's a sure sign that you have lived before. If you are having challenges or hurdles in your lifetime, these are karmic lessons.

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