Skadate 6 online dating

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While we work on this much awaited release (1.6 with mobile), our friends from Skalfa shipped the first commercial product based on Oxwall – Ska Date Lite.

This is an impressive product and a business solution for setting up an online dating site.

The only thing that remain now is just to submit my app for approval.

Dating Johnson answer Good Best Software, Skadate outstanding error of a a and and Php launched have car value-added 6 out.

Co M # tested verson : 5.0 & 6.0 # Homepage : Price: 795.00 # Exp : #

Ska Date designs and develops online dating mobile applications and web-based social networks.

If you purchase all this offer, all you just need is a domain name and hosting to get your site up and running. And i have big issue with the mobile apps they are not international friendly they developed for local targets...targets in same country.

I have plan open another skadate website with mobile apps but i feel it is to much issues to solve before i do that No you misunderstood me.

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