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So we get up to the counter, my sister leaning on me, my arm around her, her hair is fallen down around my shoulder. Thankfully this is a big enough town that no body knows us. And as I turn back to the road Sasha says, "Am I making you hard? As she said that, reached across and gripped my cock through my jeans.And it dawns on me that everyone here thinks she is my girlfriend. I bought her a coke, sober her up realizing she is not really all that tipsy, and I believed it to be part of her game to get us out of the house together. No one is saying anything now, her hand stroking the length of me. Now what do you say when your bitch in heat sister asks about your now girlfriend, or more or less girlfriend considering she's who I am sleeping with. Anyway, I keep watching the road, Sasha is still stroking my cock.She was looking over at me, giving me a be patient look, and eying my cock at the same time. " She shrugged, "Sometime tomorrow." An eye to me, "Not early." I walked back and poured myself another scotch. As I rubbed her little puss the machine made a sound and began to slow, shifting to a fast walk. And I dropped behind again watching her move, her body, soon to be mine. God I wanted to drink her right up, we had all night.At this point my cock ached, its tip ready to explode. And with two fingers, I scooped up a dollop of frosting from my birthday cake. With the dollop of frosting I began to smear it over her abdomen. I stepped up onto the treadmill behind her, keeping pace with her steps following along behind her.I let the tip of my cock bump against her, drawing trails of cum on her. Opening around my tip, like a piece of fruit I was splitting in half.

She says, "you are seriously sexy, you smell so good right now." And she kisses me, turning her head as shes kissing me, we open wide and let our tongues play.

She said nothing, lay her purse down on a chair and began turning on lights and closing blinds. " I pulled the little tie at her waist and watched the dress, that was cinched around her waist fall loosely around her hips. " I laughed, "Something strong." She walked back into the room, naked with two glasses with ice, and a bottle of scotch and set it on a side table. This is the best birthday I have ever had." "Come on, I want to see naked boy." I was so hard, and just as she was saying that I was adjusting myself again. The sound of the zipper was so loud, and she turned to watch as I stripped, standing with my cock straight out.

She walked away from me pulling her hair back over her shoulders and holding it in a sort of pony tail before letting it go, and taking a deep sigh she let the dress drop down her arms and off her hips, falling around her feet. She also had unwrapped the cake, put it on a little plate and set it next to the scotch. The treadmill started and she was walking, with her back to me. Her hips swaying as she walked, her hair swaying back and forth over her shoulders with each step, watching as the treadmill sped up and she was in a light jog. " "About Twenty minutes." Her voice already getting winded.

"This is seriously stupid you know," she says with her lips nearly touching mine, rocking her hips and kisses me again.

I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her close. I am more turned on than I've ever been in my life. Dumbest dumbest thing ever." She locks her leg around the back of my leg as we are kissing again, which gives her leverage to push her bare mound hard against my crotch and I swear to god I was going to cum.

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