Single dating events nyc

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Once I started surfing the net, I understood how many singles event sites were vague about their age ranges.

So, a 45 year old woman might end up at a singles dinner or a singles bar and be surrounded by 25 year olds (no age prejudice here and hooray for cougars but not every woman wants to date this age range!

So, I will answer this dating question both in a general sense and I will also try to list a few specific places that seem to focus on this middle age range to start you out on your search for love in NYC. Online dating- Many people rule this one out because they feel a profile with their age will disqualify them and that it is better to meet someone in person.

While that may be true in some cases, there are times that it won’t.

Here are a few to get you started: (they purport to consider age when matching) or (28-42 yrs old) & wine tasting for folks over 40: 12.

Weekend day trips- Get away from your regular surroundings and soak in some culture. Y has trips to restaurants, museums and interesting sites:

You can even create your own to specifically meet your needs! Singles dances- Just like in your parents dating years, singles dances are a good way to meet a man. Here was one I found online (singles who are 40’s-60’s) & the 92nd St Y:

At worst you’ll get some exercise and meet nice folks.Tell everyone you know that you are looking and ask them to introduce you to someone. Parties- NYC (as well as other places) have singles parties where you can meet other singles in a casual, fun environment. Here were two that seemed geared towards this middle aged crowd. Fundraisers- Hospital fundraisers and the like often attract an established, older crowd because the tickets and topic are an investment of time and money. Here are a few sites of single’s volunteering (most do not specify an age group so call them): & 6.Meetup Groups- Today there are groups devised around every topic and age group.I am a dating expert but I specialize in helping singles meet their mate by working on their dating psychology.My piece of this puzzle is to help them raise their self esteem, look at destructive patterns in the people that they choose, help them to date more consciously and to get clear about the mate that they do want now and to help them realize where they may sabotage themselves while they are dating someone.

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