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When asked who she has sex scenes with, Jacobsen says, "Everyone!

That's the whole point of my character."Even Katie Cassidy, who plays bitchy bisexual Ella Simms?

Kaley Christine Cuoco is the current reigning queen of American television due to her best role as Penny in CBS’ situational comedy ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (2007-present).

She began her career in 1992 as Connie Reinhardt in the thriller film ‘Quicksand: No Escape’.

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Let me ask you a question, how was it being my daughter on TV? You know, like when normal girls go through that stage when they can't stand their parents—that ever happen with us? R.: I wouldn't say that I was ever embarrassed of you or anything. I think one of the many things that made our show work was the casting and how well we all played off each other. P.: I have to cut to the chase here and go with the direct line of questioning approach. Aside from being able to work with all ya'll, it was great to mess around a little too. P.: That was an awesome night, the last scene of the episode, and it felt like a moment. It was really hard for the two of us to take each other seriously sometimes, which made for the occasional fed-up director and really funny outtakes. Shiri in her sasquatch jacket and Kerr calling her sasch-, Gary telling you to look at the monkey, which ultimately got cut (a slow push on the monkey, Lux looks at it remembering the innocent times she never had...) and the harsh lighting, which actually looks amazing onscreen—way to go, Rick Bota! There was one scene in particular in the classroom where they just needed a wide shot of me walking in to the classroom. R.: The teen world that I lived in for the last five months was pretty rad, I have to say. Especially since you weren't my dad (although sometimes I wished you were). It's a rare thing to find a group of actors that work well together and all get along. Britt, tell us your favorite onscreen moment this season. I remember a few times when both you and Shiri [Appleby] took the liberty of giving me some pretty great parental advice. I know deep down you truly care like a father and that's what I'll take most out of the relationship we've built on and offscreen. And I ask this because we didn't have a ton of shared stuff this season, so I feel like you were away I missed you. P.: Alright, before we go the world famous Ten-In-One: K.

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