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I had no idea until now who my opposite would be, just that she would be of a similar height and weight to me and roughly matched in ability.

I later find out she’s 25, has been training for a couple of years, after what started as an endeavour to lose weight became a love affair with the sport.

I can feel the flush of adrenalin in my legs as I walk through the crowds into the ring, the sound of my chosen music (a suitably aggressive hip-hop track) booming from the stereo.

I’m flanked by my corner man for the bout, Richie Kyle, fellow Third Space personal trainer and friend of Cathy’s.

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The truth is that the very idea of being hit, especially in the face, terrified me; boxing ‘proper’ was something that other tougher, stronger women did. Granted, Nicola Adams is a different height and weight to me and would thus compete in a different category, but she hardly looks like a killer.

I no longer want to socialise and stop going out for dinner with friends, choosing instead to prepare the correct, nutrient-dense food for the five to six meals a day that I need to eat in order to sustain my body and mind through such a gruelling regime.

More than this, though, some very intense emotions are rearing their ugly heads.

But even this, however tactless, is tolerable – people have their reasons for disliking boxing, a sport which, although I consider it more like a physical game of chess than two people beating each other up, certainly has a gruesome, violent edge.

What I find unacceptable is that there are those who seem only to dislike women’s boxing.

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