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The agenda of the meeting is specifically to discuss the renewal and revamping of a joint memorandum of understanding the two sides had signed in December on how to deal with Iran.5/29/18World Cup Warm-Up: Turkey defeats Iran 2-1 - Turkey national football team defeated Iran 2-1 in a friendly match thanks to Cenk Tosun brace Monday night."We will continue to make efforts to fulfill Iran's hopes for economic recovery and good trade relations as long as Iran is ready and able to prove that it adheres to its obligations under the nuclear deal," Maas said on Tuesday.5/29/18Iranian hard rock singer Arian Naini gets green light for "Loneliness Border" - The Iranian hard rock singer Arian Naini got the nod for the first time from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to release a music video, Persian media reported on Monday.- Several famous Iranian actors and actresses say they will not attend the president's iftar (breaking fast) ceremony that will take place on Wednesday, May 30.Using the Farsi hashtag "we do not go to Iftar", the protesting movie stars said on their social media pages that they will reject Hassan Rouhani's invitation due to political, social, and economic crisis that the country is facing.

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5/30/18 - In threatening Iran with the "strongest sanctions in history," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was probably not thinking of the Mongol sieges of Iranian cities.

Two days later, however, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei evoked Iranians' sense of their 4,000-year past when he claimed Donald Trump would be "lost in history." -Gareth Smyth, Lobe Log 5/30/18 - As Iran's national soccer team finalizes its squad and tactics for the upcoming World Cup in Russia, President Hassan Rohani is offering his thoughts on how Ramadan, chaste women athletes, and faith among members of Team Melli, as it's known, can work in concert to make the Islamic republic victorious.

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