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During the home visit, the millionaire gallantly promised to cook a delicious meal for Ashley, telling the cameras: 'I have the best white wine you've ever come across.

And it wasn't just the 28-year-old who was unimpressed with Troy's culinary efforts, as horrified viewers flocked to Twitter to express their dismay.

'Even the dog food served to Telv’s dogs looked more appetizing than Troy’s mince monstrosity! Another penned: 'Troy’s mince should be an eating challenge on Fear Factor.'Others saw the funny side, with one user gushing: 'I’m calling it.

As well as Troy's 'TV wife' Ashley Irvin's sister Summer, fans have speculated that the tooth brushing fanatic is in fact a paid actor.

Summer penned a lengthy social media rant last month, accusing Troy of overplaying his goofy personality.'[Ashley,] you applied to go on a show and meet the man of your dreams, little did you know you got matched with someone who didn't even apply [when over 7000 did] and every time you actually wanted to have a genuine conversation that wasn't for the camera you got a cold shoulder,' she wrote.

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