Sex dating in kennebunk maine

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In a press release, Strong called the charges “untrue,” and said, “I have made some bad choices but have broken no laws.” (Neither Wright nor Strong would be interviewed for this article.)Wright’s choice of a locale in which to conduct her affairs was either inspired or twisted or both, depending on your point of view: the lovely, quaint seaside town of Kennebunk, Maine, population 10,798, home of Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, the heart of the land originally settled by the Puritans, just a hop, skip, and jump from Kennebunkport, where the Bush family has its Walker’s Point summer compound.“Prostitution is not what Kennebunk wants to be known for,” a local morning drive-time radio host and divorce attorney named Ken Altshuler told TV-and-radio personality and addiction specialist Dr. “We’re a beautiful town, [a] tourist town.”But what really made the story of the “Zumba Madam” go viral was Wright’s meticulous recordkeeping. The community is also wrestling with even more traumatizing issues.

Thanks to that, prosecutors can do something they often can’t in this type of case: figure out who the alleged johns were and charge them with crimes, too. “Nothing in this case has been easy for anyone,” says Gary Prolman, the lawyer for 10 of the men believed to have been Wright’s clients.

Wright was sexually involved with Strong, who was also a licensed private investigator.Wright started teaching Zumba in the auditorium of the Kennebunk Town Hall around the time she was going to college.(According to the Associated Press, she got a natural-sciences degree from the University of Southern Maine’s Lewiston-Auburn College in 2010.) According to an affidavit, she got a permit in 2010 from the Town of Kennebunk for the Pura Vida (“Pure Life”) Studio, which was supposed to be a “Personal Services and Dance Studio.” The 2,500-square-foot space wasn’t quite in the heart of Kennebunk, with its colonial wood-frame houses and shops, but rather in a small strip mall, between the Best Nails salon and Toppings pizzeria.It’s been taken down, but some people who saw it say that Wright was posing in a suggestive position wearing a teddy, and that there was no mistaking what she was selling.The advertisements for massages were only a small part of the picture.

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