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And if you found yourself chuckling at that name, well, you may want to check out the 50 Puns So Bad They’re Actually Good. The Sea Quench Ale from Dogfish is a sour craft beer that was voted best low-cal and low-carb beer by Men’s Health magazine. serving, this beer is light, crisp, and welcome during hot summer days. The beer was the first step in a partnership between the brewery and the National Aquarium of Baltimore that will focus on inspiring conservation of the world’s aquatic treasures, bettering the Chesapeake Bay for everyone.Because “drinking for a cause” sounds better than “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” Tampa A hop, skip, and a jump from Mickey Mouse, Cigar City Brewing draws Florida tourists and locals alike through its doors.Some have hit the big-time—you can get Dogfish Head anywhere, for example—while others, like North Carolina’s Steel String, are hyper-local treasures you’ll be hard pressed to find outside their community of origin.So read on, and map out a cross-country road trip not in landmarks but in craft beer.

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Other noteworthy facts: the beer’s water content comes from the 1,500 square-mile Juneau Ice Field, pretty much guaranteeing your craft beer will be frosty cold when it reaches your hands.The can features a cartoon skull that gives off Latin vibes, and the tart brew includes lime and sea salt.That makes it a margarita-beer hybrid, a combination that is truly the hero we have but don’t deserve.It’s easy drinking and has Californians all over abuzz.And for perfect pairing, try it with any of the 50 Foods That Will Make You Look Younger.

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    They included followers of the spiritual sect Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (leader JZ Knight, who claimed to channel a 35,000-year-old sage named Ramtha, moved her publishing operations to the island—Ramtha’s sword is supposedly buried somewhere on Mount Constitution); Hollywood types like producer Richard Donner (of fame); and outdoor-brand moguls such as surfboard and sailboat designer Hobie Alter and Oakley eyewear founder Jim Jannard.

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    While this isn't bad, it's the main reason so many people complain that sorting through the duds online is too much work, because just because someone looks good doesn't mean they are dating or relationship material." When choosing a partner, looks are only one part of the equation. What fundamental values do you want to align with your potential mate? Krimer told me, "Acknowledge all of the important factors that make a relationship healthy and work — are you confident in your ability to contribute to a relationship in these ways?