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And i am a married women you should not do this please.I had made up my mind that i need to go further today as the husband would be away for a long time the corex is not available at his locality so he need to go and catch a bus or something and it will take some time.Whenever i went to her house the husband would always be there. Gradually i got very intimate to her and she use to discuss all sorts of problems with me.She was not very beautiful but was very attractive with right things at the right place.After few days i went to her place again as i had thought that if a women can allow feeling her hands and touching even barely her tits she could do more.So thinking to gain some luck from the last time i went to their place, as i entered their house the husband asked for money to buy a bottle of corex i did not expect this from him but i reluctantly gave him the money and he went out i wanted to be alone with her so i told her husband why do you not take the kid with you too as he would buy chips and chocolate.

She started moaning more and more and with much vigor and wanting maybe she was wet down under and i too had my pre cum on my dick i asked her was she wet down she did not respond and just kept on moaning i tried to slid my hand down to her pussy but she just did not allow me to do so and said lets enjoy these first that would be for later fun.

Seeing her that way my heart started to beat fast, i told her my hearts beating very fast just put your hand there and see.

She said why should your heart beat faster, this is not the first time your looking at my hand, i further told her see my hands cold too, then she said my hearts also beating faster and my hands not cold but warm, i asked her permission to feel her hand which she allowed, then i got bolder and told her to feel my heart beats, she took her hand and put it on my chest my heart was really beating very fast, she asked me why is your heart beating so fast, i said i do not know, may be you should know, saying this i asked her is your heart beating fast too and saying so i just placed my hand on her bosom, she did not mind at all for my hand to be on her, she just said is it beating fast i said it sure is, then i slowly slide my hand as if to free my hand from her and purposely touched her tits and made it sure that she could feel my hand on her tits, the feeling of my hand sliding over her tits was really great the feeling to touch her was something out of this world.

Good boobs and good figure, good bums too, she was not very short but just barely making it to not being called short.

As i knew a bit of palmistry she would always tell me to look at her hand and tell her what was wrong with her life and when would she see better days.

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