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I finished college this spring and had just started working a full-time job in the industry I attended school for.

It’s not really a double standard; it’s that you’re in a role that requires constant coverage, whereas your coworkers aren’t. I can see why your boss might not want just one person as your back-up, because it means that that person would have significantly less time for her core job.

By rotating your back-ups, they’re minimizing the impact on any one person’s work.

He fired me after I admitted I had lied about being sick. My boss said they would not give me a reference and would tell anyone who called I am not eligable for rehire. Say that you recognize your mistake, you’re embarrassed by your behavior, and you’re grateful that you learned this lesson early in your career, and apologize for squandering the investment they’d made in you.

I am also embarassed at how stupid I was because my father has worked in the same industry his whole life (though never at the company I worked at) and I am named after him and many people know I am his son. It’s not going to change the fundamental outcome here, but it’s likely to make your boss think less poorly of you if your name comes up again.

Just leave it off, don’t include them on your reference list, and move forward.

Unless your industry is really small, this probably isn’t going to follow you — although since your dad works in the same field, it’s worth talking to him to get his advice on that too.

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Now in her 3rd day of Senate hearings, Kagan has been “grinning gratuitously and grimacing sourly” throughout the barrage of questions.The company I got the job at has a policy where new employees have a five-month probationary period, and once that is completed an employee is made permanent and receives and is able to take vacation or PTO time. Some of my friends rented a cottage for the eclipse and the weekend before.I was able to go on the weekend since my job is only Monday to Friday, but I also wanted to see the eclipse with my friends.I’m not sure what to do now, since it feels like all my avenues are exhausted.This does suck, but the reality is that it’s also the nature of the job.

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