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A universal theme, a moment of truth when one is given a terrible choice in the face of great temptation. A couple of Brit heavy weights you`ll recognize, who bring this Fantastic tale to life. So I’m going to watch it again whenever a proper subbed version comes out. Andrews I was disappointed with this one now that I`m older. Not that much of it looked like a huge megalodon though, more like a great white. Maybe it was more of a disgusted grunt sound at how dumb actors can be when they are about to be eaten in movies. I got excited when I stumbled upon this movie because I love anything alien... the effects werent fabulous, but not complete crap either. I thought this revelation was quite profound in the context of the film, that they were not mindless, rabid animals and perhaps their understanding this explained the antipathy of the general population. I can't qualify if that is true or not, but in the film, much of the humor DOES come at the expense of their maladies, and misfortunes. Their children are well on their way towards the same possible outcomes. Love for each other, and the life that they have lived, and for their oiffspring, and hope that the life that they lived, and what they left behind, was good enough. Kind of long and drawn out in places, but stick around. The sound is low, difficult to hear conversations, so turn up your sound up. I can understand some of the Spanish, but not all of it, and from the laughs the theatre audience was giving the Spanish conversations, it’s pretty clear that it’d be even better knowing what that dialogue entailed. Luckily the makers of this movie felt similar and used real shark footage and lifelike props and CGI for the most part. 😂😂 maybe it was his tummy growling from being so hungry. Just glance at this short video showing you real footage of a mom seducing and fucking her own teenage son.When woman gets a little older it becomes hard for her to land a man, but thankfully those women blessed with sons do have a man or men who love them very much no matter what. (paraphrasing here) ...he knew in his conscience that it was wrong, that he wanted to resist but was overwhelmed by desire and the feeling of connection and chose to go with it, killing and eating his own brother. If you ever get a chance, the director's commentary w/the cast is hilarious too. Great story of ancient Rome in the 21st century, but they talk in the dialect of the ancients, which is going to be a turn-off to a lot of people. I've heard it said that all humor is the result of someone else's pain. A person my age, or older realizes that this life might arrive for us tomorrrow. But regardless of the eventual outcome, it's a story of hope, and love. I give this movie a 10 out of 10 for how it was put together . It was better than I thought it’d be, based on the comments. I'll even give a little on damage caused or lack thereof because I know theatrics makes a movie and they have to try to go with the story, but I don't give much leeway on the shark. Maybe it's just a megalodon thing because this one growls. O.`s were kind of a fad then, and everyone was a fan. I was struck by a line from Sam Keeley when explaining to Ellen Page how her husband died. However, not going to be everyone`s brand of prophylactics. If you can live with what I said above then you`ll like this. any way it's good and worth a watch Donald Sutherland, and Helen Mirren. They're getting a little long in the tooth, and are fitting for this story about aging, illness, and death. As Pink Floyd said " Life is long, and you are young, and there is time to kill today" Something like this is in your far future. It's not for small children ,but for teenagers and adults . The scenes of the mansion and the relics in the attic are cool and seem to show the Art-Deco of the 20`s. When you're making a movie and the star of said movie is a freaking SHARK, I think the shark(s) should look as legit as possible.I only watched this reboot because it brought back some nostalgia of me sitting with my grandma while she brushed my hair and we'd watch this show and many others. Grams passed in Jan this year, so when I heard this show was back on, I've been watching it for old times sake.However, some folks like to shoot themselves in the foot with twitter, and thats what Roseanne did.

You can even to download them on your smartphone to watch later, no problem at all!

When using this same link you`ll find a entire library of Three Stooges shorts. The graphics were basically cartoons and the make-up and props/staging was the worst. I've kinda binged it over the last 2 weeks, not enthralling enough to make me want to watch it any quicker, but interesting enough that I have now watched it all - and will again when the next series starts.

There is a lot of action and the special effects help make this a Sci-Fi must see movie. The acting was actually okay, not too horrible but everything else was. Watched on a recommendation, I'd never heard of this show.

If you're into grade B alien movies you might like it. I give it a 2/5 only because the alien looked alright. This is still a very good film that I really enjoyed. This is arguably the worst movie put out this year. I love alien and sci-fi movies but this was horrible.

Which if your a Curly fan, like many of us, they are all there. It had potential, but they just couldn't pull it off. ABC had it as a movie of the week, and they hyped the stuffing out of it for two weeks prior. There were a couple other actors in it that I really, really like but wtf were they thinking??

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