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The Celtic legal system, the Brehon Laws, provided for compensation for hurling accidents and provisions were also made for cases of deliberate injury, or even death, as a result of Hurling.

The game was outlawed in the 12 century mainly due to patronization by the landlords.

This latter trend has also resulted in the reduction in frequency of use of many of the less controllable skills of both games, for example, the overhead strike in Hurling, as the use of these may often lead to a more equal contest or the loss of possession altogether.

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The game is played under ‘compromise’ rules agreed between the governing associations and provide an opportunity for players to represent their country in a series of international tests from time to time.Over all a great introductory episode and I cant wait to see more.23 June 2013; Colm Galvin, Clare, in action against Christopher Joyce, Cork.Throughout the countryside, Hurling thrived as a wild and often violent practice with few set rules.One 17 century account describes the game as being played on a plain about 200-300 yards long, with victory going to the first team to drive the ball through the goal of the opponent.

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