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Seems to me it's better to judge it for what it is, rather than criticize it for what it's not intended to be. Needs few relights, leaves little moisture in the bowl, and won't bite. But the difference is not night and day, and you'll enjoy this one if you like English blends.

My original review stands, as I find this too limp-wristed for me.There are more complex blends, but this does give a nice variety of flavors.Some complain it's a weak sister English, and apparently miss the point that it's supposed to be an easy going morning smoke. I have to say I prefer the Murray's version to this -which was much richer in flavor - so I can only give this two and a half stars, whereas the earlier one gets three to three and a half.ORIGINAL REVIEW 7/8/09 Let me put my bias out in the open and upfront: If a blend is going to contain latakia, it must either contain enough to drive the blend OR the other tobaccos must be flavorful enough to pick up the slack. It also causes me to produce more saliva as a reaction to the flavor. Sure, the g/f always mentions how great they smell, but when I'm smoking them I can't smell a thing. I bought an ounce of EMP to try to "venture" out in the "English" blend world, and I have to say, it was a good thing I was sitting down when I had my first light of this magic.Otherwise, what you have is a bland, dull tobacco blend. I realize this is supposed to be light and mild, as a "first smoke of the day" but this blend would put me back to sleep. A lot of people like this and if you enjoy light, mild balkan blends, you should definitely give this a spin. I'm packaging up what's left of my tin and shipping it off to a friend who enjoys it. Initial flavor: First taste is slightly harsh, not as gentle as I expected. Not because it's strong, but I was so surprised at how great it tasted. The smoke was tasty, and a more complex than anything else I've smoked in the past.

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