Sample of sex chats conversation

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AM me: ok, i'm back :) you're welcome AM (her) : I'm well happy now, but I want u more than ever AM me: 26 days :) it's going to be fun26 days later, we were fucking within minutes of meeting. BTW I'm 38 and Emma was 21 at the time this was written. Primarily for men looking to seduce women in their life.Help with dating, learn to be a pickup artist (PUA), fix your Game.Answering my own post is ridiculous, but I can't get past this. Upvote and hold tight, I'm working on finding it.okay, here it is: Context: I'd asked her to record a snippet of her voice so I could hear her sexy no you won't you'll sound awesome(her) : Awesome! I'm going to dig through my chat archives and come up with another example to share, an example that had me balls deep into a new lover within fifteen minutes of meeting her IRL for the first time.

Whether it’s friends, family, religion, or media — many of us were raised to think that expressing our sexual interest (flirting) was wrong. This is especially true for many women who are afraid of being seen as “slutty” or too forward.

So I tried again with another group, and then another. After downing a drink (or two), I decided to try again with another group.

After a couple of minutes, we were all introducing ourselves and hitting it off like old friends.

It goes without saying that you'd like to enjoy making love to your partner; yet, nearly every other aspect of sex calls for a chat.

Here's why: Couples who discuss tricky topics effectively are 10 times more likely to have a happy relationship than those who ignore difficult subjects, according to a study by Joseph Grenny, co-author of .

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