Russian dating scams tourist visa

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The invitation must be issued by an organization that is registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

In order to obtain a multi-entry visa, the hosting organization must apply to the Russian Foreign Ministry for authorization.

My wife works for the UN, so the invitation was from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and is sent directly to the Consulate in Ukraine where I would get the visa.

As soon as she got word that the invitation had been sent by telex, she told me and gave me the reference numbers.

There are also companies providing help in receiving Russian visas hassle-free.

If you visit Russia on the business visa, you can stay wherever you want, at hotel or private apartments, and you don't have to book in advance that is very convenient.

You can ask a person you visit to buy get you a business invitation.

Do not forget to carefully check your visa when receive it.

If there is any misspelling or mistake, you will be refused in entering Russia.

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