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she has no record of any employment, But she has been to more then 25 Countries. Phone: no phone Address: 28 Budarina Street Apt.# 11, Samara, Russia Email: Details: Initiates contact saying that she is arriving in your city soon and begins writing back and forth. In her letters complains about her poor financial situation, and asks to send her money for correspondence.After about 1 month she asks for money saying that her father died and she needs money for the funeral. First reported: Raymond Young Address: 8 Komarova str. Krepenskiy, Antrazit Lugansk region 94600 Ukraine Details: This scammer is now on friendfinder under the handle Beautylady UA, Different photos, but same adress and phn number First reported: Bob Address: Russia, Republic of Sakha(Yakutia), village of city type Chulman, Sovetskaya street, house 44 Details: I received an email from this person out of the blue and we began chatting.First reported: Roy Address: 16 Liniya street 3 apt ??, 91000 Lugansk Email: [email protected] name: Elena Volcova Phone: 609 Details: First saw at When Olga quit our relation, because I was asking too many questions and I wasn't sending money, another russian girl wrote to me. After a couple of letters, she made a mistake and sent me twice the same message.She even forgot to fill the blanks there was on her template I should say....4; Says she is saying goodbye to her friends and nervious about trip. 6; Will go to Embassy to get documents 7; Has Visa and will get Airline ticket and e-mail witharrival time.E-mail says Customs requires her to have 00 to travel with and requests $ 1200 by Western Union at Moscow Airport and cannot trravel unless I send it. DISCLAIMER: does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on this page, nor that it is error-free. The service is supplied on "as is" basis, with no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.

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Then when she asked me money to get papers done changed to Ribakova.

I was coreesponding with her and at the same time, in the beginning, I was chatting with another girl, met on the same website, called Anna (lovely80).

She fall in love after 4-5 letters and she said she can't wait to come to London.

She said she went to a travel agency for visa/ticket and next day I received a letter from them where they asked me for 0 for her expenses to travel to UK.

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