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A beautiful tune in the direct intersection of Deep House, Acid and techno, and a more than dignified B side for "Sea Of Sand".With his new 12" on Cocoon Recordings, the Poland born Adam Proll aka Adam Proll presents two extraordinary productions, which draw a bow from House to pretty weird Techno.The A side comes along very elegant with a light but effective shuffle programming.The mid 80s House sounds, the fat and straight beats and the 303 Acid line pushing from the background unite the best from Old and New School. His latest coup "Sea Of Sand" is a true phenomenon.Being first released 'only' as a part of the Cocoon Compilation series, the track turned out to be one of THE summer hits of the year.

The previously unreleased B side "After Love" contains a warm summer feeling.The former Munich resident lives now in Berlin and has been forming the definition of Tech House like no other producer, and, with his productions and remixes, was able to make his mark also as a DJ.His bookings take him all around the world and of course, Tobi is again one of the residents of Cocoon Club Ibiza.The album is a mixture of self-penned tracks such as “Certified Rose” and the soulful ballad “Always Heading Home” along with songs that have inspired Daltrey over the years including Nick Cave’s “Into My Arms”, “You Haven’t Done Nothing” by Stevie Wonder, Stephen Stills’ “How Far” and the title track originally recorded by Garnet Mimms in 1964; the year that Daltrey, Townshend, Entwistle and Moon changed their name from The High Numbers and became The Who.Roger Daltrey says: “This is a return to the very beginning, to the time before Pete [Townshend] started writing our songs, to a time when we were a teenage band playing soul music to small crowds in church halls. And now, I can sing soul with all the experience you need to sing it. I’ve always sung from the heart but when you’re 19, you haven’t had the life experience with all its emotional trials and traumas that you have by the time you get to my age. For a long time, I’ve wanted to return to the simplicity of these songs, to show people my voice, a voice they won’t have heard before. It’s where I am, looking back to that time, looking across all those years but also being here, now, in the soulful moment”.

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