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Harry's crest features a small, red escallop from Princess Diana's coat of arms which appears three times on white collars around the lions, unicorn and shield Photo: Click on photos to enlarge Williams crest (above) was the first to include elements of the Spencer family Arms.After changing convention for Prince William by using symbols from his maternal Arms, it made sense to develop this further for Prince Harry, explains Peter Gwynn-Jones, Garter of Arms to the Queen Photo: 11 OCTOBER 2002 Perhaps one of Prince Harrys more unique birthday presents this year was the official coat of arms given to him to celebrate his 18th year.Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd edited by Janet Arnold.This reference on the vast wardrobe of Queen Elizabeth I is illustrated with photographs of portraits, miniatures, tomb sculptures, engravings, woven textiles and embroideries. Combines text and images to tell the queen's story.The Virgin Queen: Elizabeth I, Genius of the Golden Age by Christopher Hibbert. The reality of Queen Elizabeth I's character and personal attitudes are hard to detect behind her public mask. Long considered the definitive biography of the great Tudor queen, this book won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Biography. Biography of the brilliant, mercurial, seductive, and maddening queen who became the most powerful ruler of her time.

This is especially significant because, unlike his elder brother who will one day see his Arms alter to reflect his changing responsibilities, Prince Harry will always keep the escallop shells from his mother's Spencer family Arms and, in time, may pass them on to his children.The Prince was himself involved in designing the crest which unusually incorporates an emblem from his mother Princess Dianas family arms.Harrys unique crest, like that of his elder brother William - also presented on the occasion of his 18th birthday - is based upon the quartered arms of England, Scotland and Ireland.Danger to Elizabeth: The Catholics Under Elizabeth I by Alison Plowden. The Death of Elizabeth I: Remembering and Reconstructing the Virgin Queen by Catherine Loomis.The second book in Plowden's four-volume biography of the queen. This third book in Plowden's series focuses on the courtships of Elizabeth I. Provides a detailed history of Elizabeth's final illness and death, and shows how her subjects responded to their loss. Queen Elizabeth I's inner circle and the human relationships at the heart of her personal and political life.

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