Rough sexchat conversatiob

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Britney Spears14: I slip out of my pants, just for you, bloodninja. bloodninja: King Arthur congratulates me for destroying Dr. Wellhung: I've got a pubic hair caught in my throat.

Katie_007: I was thinking of like, sexual acts INVOLVING vegetables... (pause) bloodninja: I touch you on your lettuce, you massage my spinach... bloodninja: I ride your buttocks like they were amber waves of grains. I was thinking more along the lines of carrots and zucchinis. bloodninja: Damn baby you're right, this **** is HOTT. bloodninja: My turnips listen for the soft cry of your love. bloodninja: Yeah, well I already unleashed my cauliflower, all over your olives, and up in your eyes.

There's soft music playing on the stereo and candles on my dresser and night table. My hand works its way down to your crotch and begins to fondle your huge, swelling bulge. Sweetheart: I'm pulling up your shirt and kissing your chest.

Wellhung: I'm taking hold of your blouse and sliding it off slowly. Wellhung: My hand suddenly jerks spastically and accidentally rips a hole in your blouse. Sweetheart: That's OK, it wasn't really too expensive.

I'm fumbling my way blindly across the room and toward the bathroom.

I'm feeling around for the flush handle, but I can't find it.

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