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This is a very uncomfortable situation for those who are in the beginning of a relationship. Nothing ends a relationship like talking about the relationship too soon. And being too intimate means acting like a boyfriend/girlfriend after just one date, for example.

And if you do this several times a day at the beginning of a relationship, it’s very annoying. I also feel bad when every time you invite me to something, I have to tell you that I have plans, because I really have plans, but soon I may get to the point where I will tell you that I have plans when I don’t have. If we can’t, that's my cowardly way of telling you that I'm not into you.

To avoid unnecessary fighting, ask yourself: What attitude would best demonstrate my real desire to make the relationship work? It was she who was on my side when I discovered that my fiancé was cheating on me. I thought she and Camila would be best friends too. My friend was very close to me and they both seemed to be fighting for territory. But when Camila came to complain to me, I defended my friend, saying that she was always like that. Did I fail to notice some animosity from my friend? Rules such as "don’t send message soon after a meeting", "don’t send a message the next day", "don’t send messages for three days", "send messages to every three that you receive" and so on. If you are the kind of person who communicates through messages, I’m not saying that you should stop. Reflect one, two, up to three times before you start a discussion about it.

This question can help in "cooling your head" sometimes, avoiding harsh words before they are thrown to the winds. Did Camila feel uncomfortable and threatened and I did not realize? I’m saying to stop and think "Do I really need to send this message? Remember that you also have your friends and probably would not like to hear your partner to speak ill of them all the time.

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The truth is that there is a fine line between jealousy and possession, which leads many couples to argue frequently, for various reasons: he does not approve of the clothes worn by his girlfriend; She asks who are the messages that the boyfriend received on his cell phone; One wants to access the other's social networks to see if there is "nothing suspicious", etc.

A kind I expect from others getting satisfaction from getting it on unimportant things.

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But if you've had, like, two dates and you're talking about it, it's going to end badly. There are those who say that a pinch of jealousy can spice up the relationship.

Yeah, I like you, we have fun, but why do you insist so hard to see me? This makes sense if you have been together for a few months and you want to know if you are unique to each other, and how you feel about what is happening between you, and so on. Thinking about meeting his/her friends and family is encouraging, but it's kinda weird if you try to force that. " when he didn’t mention his niece, but you know of her existence because you saw her on his Instagram… On your second date, you jump into his arms and call him by nicknames you just invented, and you take his hand… Sometimes it is good to hold back during the courtship phase.

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