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You can buy the tickets at most JR stations, but only three times a year.If you look at the official JR website, you’ll see that it says the tickets go on sale just twice a year—that’s out of date, and you can confirm as much on the Japanese page.The first stages open at 11am, so you’ll want to start your journey super early to avoid missing anything.

Of note are two major festivals during the period that the Seishun 18 ticket is valid: the Chusonji Outdoor Bonfire Noh on August 14th, and the Hiraizumi Daimonji Festival (where they light a fire on a mountainside in the shape of the 大 kanji—more famously associated with Kyoto) on August 16th.The Seishun 18 ticket also, in theory, gives you access to two overnight trains—the Moonlight Nagara (to Ogaki) and Moonlight Shinshu (to Hakuba).Reliable, up-to-date information on these seasonal rides is sorely lacking, so your best bet is to talk to the staff at a JR ticket office.To help you on your way, we’ve planned five escape routes from Tokyo, taking you to Kanazawa, Hiraizumi, Fuji Rock, Nara and Miyajima.Note: The schedule for each trip assumes you are leaving on a weekday, and not on the weekend or a public holiday.

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