Recessed lighting and updating

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Line Voltage recessed lighting can be dimmed with a standard incandescent dimmer.While Low Voltage recessed lighting will be dimmed with either a Low Voltage Electronic or Magnetic dimmer.Line voltage is recommended when you have high ceilings and/or the need to provide general illumination to a room, as you can use up to a 150W bulb.Low Voltage recessed lighting is a more energy efficient alternative that uses a 12 volt current instead of a 120 volt current.

Therefore, it is important to understand the type of housing you need before falling in love with a certain trim.The trim is the visible part of the light, therefore it should reflect your style and the application for which it is going to be used. Recessed lighting trims come in multiple sizes ranging from 1" to 6" in diameter.The size of the trim is a personal preference; however, larger sized trims are able to produce broader amounts of light.2) IC or Non-IC Rated Understanding whether you need IC or Non-IC rated components is the other critical aspect to choosing the right housing.An IC, or insulation contact, rating means that the fixture can come in direct contact with thermal insulation.

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