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This encompasses Graphics, Artwork, Cartoons, Celebrities, Products & Services, Joke Pics, Weblinks, etc.i just got an automated message from admin telling me that my pic was face shows pretty good and my pic is still on my profile.could it be that there is a glich in the system singling me out on my pic.

Got a question about New Images not covered in the previously-listed thread discussion. Obviously, soldiers in unifrom, that's their job, I'd call it okay.

If there is anything else in the Pic with the User that falls into the Domain of Copyright, Trademark or Intellectual Property Infringement, then the Image will also be deleted and most certainly Pic Upload Privileges revoked.From a Moderator Perspective I would be inclined to have that Pic deleted and your Upload Privileges revoked.From a Rating Perspective, I would reject the Image for the very same Reason.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I've seen many pictures submitted with showing multiple people, and it often isn't clear which belongs with the profile... Should these be rejected outright or tagged as "needs cropping"? I learned that any photo that you (or others) have difficulty recognizing as the person whose profile it belongs to is not allowed.I would think that "needs cropping" would indicate to the person that it needs to be modified to show one person. I don't know what the "crop" function does but it may be just a signal to some software that will attempt to remove blank areas so the effort would be wasted when the program found no blank space.

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