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After Tang Yan entered the entertainment circle never spread over the scandal, estimated this is the first time into the circle after the girl love, love during the pay is quite deep, so Roy Chiu Tse Tang Yan suffered a major blow to cheating, deep hurt Tang Yan once heard Dutch act attempted!

Although the Tang Yanfang rumor, but at the time of Tang Yanjin hospital is a fact: There is a suspected medical photo spread out: the poor girl, but fortunately nothing!

According to reports, the couple displayed no sign of awkwardness and readily hammed it up for the cameras when the director requested for them to be affectionate.

After Show and Rainie's turn as an adorable couple in Hi My Sweetheart, they were suspected to be a real-life couple due to their good onscreen and off-camera chemistry.

Read the tag list and you will see that we have some pretty big fashionista celebrities in this round-up of photoshots!

Here, two people have not acknowledged the affair, but love news of the collapse came down, in 2013, micro-blog in the media broke the news, Roy Chiu Tse, Tia Lee and friends party, a group of people to play until the morning, Tia Lee drove Roy Chiu Tse back to the residence, the reporter shot behind.

Seen as a publicity stunt by some fans, reps from both artistes denied the claims and emphasised that they are "very close friends".

Rainie and Show were romantically linked with different partners a couple of months later.

Now the road stride forward singing militant songs everywhere on the network, Tang Yan news, Roy Chiu Tse's name only mentioned Tang Yan will follow.

But when it comes to Roy Chiu Tse's "slag", that can be more than that a little black history, when he was with Rainie Yang's love is also a dismal end.

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