Radiological dating

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Any attempt at opening it, may set it off or release the contents.Additional explosive or incendiary indicators include: Though the precise nature of the incident may not be immediately apparent the first step will be recognition that an incident has occurred, such as through the indicators described above.Your local police [Counter Terrorism Security Advisor Further advice on screening mail and courier deliveries The vast majority of bomb threats are hoaxes designed to cause alarm and disruption.

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These should be proportionate to the level of screening needed, but you should consider the highest anticipated level of screening that may be required, as physical protective measures may be challenging to alter in response to any change in threat.

The threat is likely to be made in person over the telephone; however, it may also be a recorded message, communicated in written form, delivered face-to-face or, increasingly, sent by email or social media (e.g. A threat may be communicated via a third-party, i.e.

a person or organisation unrelated to the intended victim and identified only to pass the message.

Delivered items may be explosive, incendiary, contain sharps, blades or chemical, biological or radiological (CBR) material.

The phrase ‘white powders’ is often used in the context of mail and encompasses CBR material as well as benign materials.

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