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At home, you think of the work you've left unfinished. Your heart is rent." -- Golda Meir• "And so our mothers and grandmothers have, more often than not anonymously, handed on the creative spark, the seed of the flower they themselves never hoped to see -- or like a sealed letter they could not plainly read." -- Alice Walker• "Motherhood is the strangest thing; it can be like being one's own Trojan horse." -- Rebecca West • "But kids don't stay with you if you do it right.

It's the one job where, the better you are, the more surely you won't be needed in the long run." -- Barbara Kingsolver• "Take motherhood: nobody ever thought of putting it on a moral pedestal until some brash feminists pointed out, about a century ago, that the pay is lousy and the career ladder nonexistent." -- Barbara Ehrenreich• "Why do grandparents and grandchildren get along so well?

We seem to be stuck with the married ones, or the men no sane women would want, or those we may have to end up supporting – both financially and emotionally.

In other words, “good men” would not willingly choose us – because in choosing us, they would also have to explain to their parents, family and friends as to why they chose “us” when they could easily have someone younger, more available and without all those “excess baggage” to deal with.

Weekends are reserved only for their real families.

I know this NOT from personal experience, but from some single mother-friends who only date married men.

In fact, some will quickly run the other direction.

• "A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world. You take a box to Mother - and then eat most of it yourself. We, the women of one country, will be too tender of those of another country to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs...." [ more] -- Julia Ward Howe, promoter of a Mother's Day for Peace• "No one who traces the history of motherhood, of the home, of child-rearing practices will ever assume the eternal permanence of our own way of institutionalizing them." -- Jessie Bernard• "To nourish children and raise them against odds is any time, any place, more valuable than to fix bolts in cars or design nuclear weapons." -- Marilyn French• "Women's rights in essence is really a movement for freedom, a movement for equality, for the dignity of all women, for those who work outside the home and those who dedicate themselves with more altruism than any profession I know to being wives and mothers, cooks and chauffeurs, and child psychologists and loving human beings." -- Jill Ruckelshaus • "The phrase 'working mother' is redundant." -- Jane Sellman• "No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother." -- Margaret Sanger• "Motherhood is neither a duty nor a privilege, but simply the way that humanity can satisfy the desire for physical immortality and triumph over the fear of death." -- Rebecca West • "My mother could make anybody feel guilty -- she used to get letters of apology from people she didn't even know." -- Joan Rivers• "The best way to keep children home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant -- and let the air out of the tires." -- Dorothy Parker• "A wise parent humors the desire for independent action, so as to become the friend and advisor when his absolute rule shall cease." -- Elizabeth Gaskell• "So when the great word ' Mother!

A pretty sentiment." -- Anna Jarvis, promoter of the establishment of Mother's Day • "Arise then, women of this day! ' rang once more, I saw at last its meaning and its place; Not the blind passion of the brooding past, But Mother -- the World's Mother -- come at last, To love as she had never loved before --To feed and guard and teach the human race." -- Charlotte Perkins Gilman• "No matter how old a mother is, she watches her middle-aged children for signs of improvement." -- Florida Scott-Maxwell• "Sometimes when I look at all my children, I say to myself, ' Lillian, you should have stayed a virgin.'" -- Lillian Carter, at the 1980 Democratic Convention, where her son was nominated for a second term as US President• "A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." -- Tenneva Jordan • "' It's come at last,' she thought, 'the time when you can no longer stand between your children and heartache.' -- Betty Smith• "Mama exhorted her children at every opportunity to 'jump at de sun.' We might not land on the sun, but at least we would get off the ground." -- Zora Neale Hurston• "At work, you think of the children you have left at home.

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