Questions to ask in online dating

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You see for me personally, I don’t believe in dating anyone that’s separated.I believe that people must be fully divorced, and if they’re Jewish, they need to have a Jewish divorce as well which is called a “Get.” Another thing that’s important to know, and this is specifically towards Jewish people, and that’s whether or not the person is a “Cohen.” You see, according to Judaism, a person that has Cohen roots is not allowed to date or at least, ultimately marry a person that’s been divorced. If you’re a divorced woman trying to get remarried, and the guy that’s pursuing you is a Cohen, even if he’s okay with it, move onto the next person, because no Jewish Rabbi will marry you, and I’d highly recommend not pursuing things further for many other reasons (especially if you believe in Karma).Not only are they important questions to know Another thing that’s important to know is if the person lives in the same area as you, and this question is especially important if you’re not willing to relocate to another place eventually.Again, this is another imperative question to ask early on, because if you or they can’t relocate now or down the line, then it’s pointless to explore the situation further.

You should always know WHY someone ‘approached’ you and picked YOUR profile out of the rest.

As well, make sure that if you ever get to the point of introducing your kids to your partner that your kids like him or her, and not only think of your own feelings. Another thing that’s important to know is whether or not the other person is open to having children one day or more children if they already have kids from a previous situation.

Although many people might think that these things and these types of questions are too intense and direct early on, I beg to differ.

After the initial introductory emails, when communication gets a little more relaxed, I tend to end messages with a list of questions (and then I judge their responses).

Consider doing the same: The following is a random sampling of questions I might ask.

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