Psp updating firmware

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Step 6: Insert the memory stick into the PSP if it’s not already there and then click on Game from the home menu and choose Memory Stick by pressing X.

You’ll now see the version of the PSP update about to be installed.

I tried this several times and it really is strong enough – so keep the bag (I’ll have more to say about moving the printer later).

Our PRO-1000 was supplied already set up and working.

You can also update your PSP using a wireless Internet connection, but I find this method much easier and safer.

If you do not fully charge it, the update could fail due to a glitch.This giant sheet of paper looks intimidating, but is actually very clear about the setup process.Don’t rush it and set aside an hour or so to get things running – there are several times where you just need to leave the printer for a while as it does its stuff.However, they are fairly simple steps that don’t require much technical know-how.Note that there are three ways to update the firmware on a PSP: using a computer, via network update, and updating using an UMD. Step 1: First, download the latest PSP firmware from the PSP System Software site.

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