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It seems like all my projects (except one) disappeared from the view Project Explorer. Version: Helios Service Release 2 Build id: 20110218-0911 Note: all the projects are present on the file system. For me, this was very tedious, since I had several dozen projects in my workspace, but it's the only solution I found short of restoring my entire workspace from a backup.

The solution, as explained here, is to: Note, steps 2 & 3 are optional if Eclipse isn't crashing, but just not showing any projects.

However, this problem recently re-occurred for me, and that solution did not work in my case. I had the same problem in Luna, Suddenly my projects were gone in start-up.

I solved this by select Deselect working set option in the drop-down menu in Project Explorer.

Reset your perspective if you do not see the task list. After an hour or so of trying to make that appear, restarting servers, mysql, eclipse, adding jars that weren't needed before, I deployed the fix all solution, the off button. (I am still none the wiser as to why calling Configuration() should now require jboss-logging...jar, maybe I needed it all along for when bad things happen) My input is I found a solution that worked better for me.

any file that was not opened while you had a certain task selected as the current task).If that doesnt get your projects back then check the "filters option" (Click on right corner of Project Explorer tab and open context menu.Select Filters option from menu) and make sure that your projects type isnt checked.DEFENSE It is all good to run and gun killing all in sight, but sometimes a good flag defense is needed.Sometimes it is necessary to hold your squad back while the other squads are advancing to the next flag.

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