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If a new Win32update is released next month a download link will be added to Dalai's webpage shortly after 13-Sep-2016, and that new Win32update will have to be pre-installed to prevent Windows Update from getting stuck again when you try to install your September 2016 Patch Tuesday updates. I also note I do not have the file on my computer at all. Fortunately, the step-by-step instructions posted 16-Jun-2016 in m#l's thread in the MS Answers forum will work for Win 7 SP1 as well as Vista SP2. Woody endorses Dalai's workaround for speeding up Windows Update for both Win 7 SP1 and Vista SP2 users.------------ I take it this post applies only to Vista. When you reach Step # 4 of the instructions, just use the appropriate Win 7 links on Dalia's webpage at (i.e., Win 7 x64 if you have a 64-bit Win 7 OS; Win 7 x86 if you have a 32-bit Win 7 OS) to download the correct standalone update packages (files) for the missing Windows kernel-mode driver (Win32K.sys) updates on your system. I'm not sure what diagnostic you ran that told you that your Windows Activation Technologies Service (watadminsvc.exe) is missing from your computer or if you're just receiving a pop-up warning that your Windows Product ID is invalid.

The MS support article "The update is not applicable to your computer" error when you install Windows updates notes that this "not applicable" error usually appears if you run a standalone update package (file) that is the wrong bitness for your OS (e.g., you try to install a 64-bit installer on a 32-bit OS) or the update is already installed on your system. I also note I do not have the file on my computer at all.I have been having the same problem with Windows update with Windows 7 since March 2016. I tried everything I could find on the internet to fix the problem. Those instructions assume that the SP1 service pack for Win 7 is already installed on your system. This might indicate that a problem occurred during your factory reset, but try Dalai's suggested workaround and see if the warning clears itself once you are able to run Windows Update again and patch your system.Depending on date you purchased your computer, you might also find that all six Win32updates currently listed on Dalai's webpage are missing from your system and have to be manually installed because you performed a factory reset. The 8024402C error was from the Microsoft Windows Update not the Microsoft Fixit Tool.I tried installing updates with the stand alone installer and it would only install the first update all other updates said they were not require for my computer.So I searched remedies for error 8024402C and did the following along with making sure internet explorer was set to automatically detecting settings... These days it's not unusual for Vista SP2 users to see these 8024402C errors when they run the MS Fix IT tool for Windows Update.

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