Private dating scan

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This will be explained to the mother and her partner and if she wishes and if agreeable she would be referred to her local hospital if needed.You may purchase a DVD or Brayford Heart teddie bear if you want.After that, all you have to do is lie back and experience the precious memorable 4D ultrasound views of your baby.No matter what your schedule, we will find a Scan appointment to suit you.Screening For Pre-Eclampsia This is a simple ultrasound scan using the Doppler techniques applied to the uterine artery in early pregnancy.It predicts the mother who may later develop pre-ecalmpsia in the current pregnancy.

4D Scan preview Mini 4D Scan Package This 4 D scan package offering you a chance to see your baby in the 4d scan.It assesses the pregnancy in the face of advert events as if there is vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain or any accidents in the course of the pregnancy. It gives the mother invaluable information about the duration of pregnancy, its viability and growth as the prognosis if possible.It can be performed at any time during the week and during out of ours and during the weekends especially on Sunday.You can find out the gender of your baby or confirm it if this is already known.You will have chance to check position of your baby and get a report of it.

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