Prevent msn updating

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Therefore, if you do see changes happening with your site, check your competitors and you may also see changes affecting them.Last updated: May, 2018 For issues that are not covered on this page, we have multiple tools to help you automatically diagnose and fix a range of Outlook problems.

For this same client the indexed page count sat around 2.3 million for the past few weeks. is that they seem to plan major updates every 3-6 months and these updates take place either just before or just after their earnings report.Usually I check these factors across all the engines for my clients on Monday mornings, first thing. That is you will see a change in the days leading up to the update.And almost without fail, before a major MSN change I will see pages or back links indexed drop from a high number to a low number or even 0. For example, for one of my clients, their back links had remained steady at just under 1 million for the past few weeks.Sure different data centers update at different times, but the update seems to hit different parts of the index at different time.For example, I don’t see rankings changes on legal sites at the same time as rankings changes on rental sites. These changes don’t seem Page Rank or authority based but do seem to revolve around the theme or topic of the sites.

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