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Not to hijack but I think the issue is bigger than the parent's ignorance of the dangers or temptation of the internet. Why does a child need a toy that can record them for 30 minutes? When my husband and I watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition, it seems like every preteen girl gets a video camera or computer with camera in her room. On the other hand, I had a video camera as a kid (not really MINE, but my familiy's).

The rule is, he's not allowed to visit any website without explicit permission to go to that site.But, with Internet access so readily available everywhere it's hard to keep them off.For example the i Pod touch has Internet access and apps you can download to chat with other people. There's no reason she needs to be hidden away looking at who knows what on the internet.It sucks for a kid to have a dad that he cannot possibly hope to out-tech.As for a phone, he'll get my Blackberry so that I can go ahead and get a new one in pink.

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