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Opinions about polygamy vary wildly in the Muslim world, a 2013 Pew Research study found, with Muslims in Sub-Saharan Africa being the most widely accepting. Khan hopes his clients think long and hard about whether they follow Koranic law, though his site has no way of verifying that new sign-ups are, in fact, Muslim.Outside of sub-Saharan Africa, however, attitudes are different. But be warned: there is a system in place to prevent misusers.Yusuf Khan, a web developer and entrepreneur, launched the UK-based polygamy site three months ago.The site already has over 3,000 users, he said.“Second wasn’t planned,” Mr. Originally, he had hoped to create a more traditional matchmaking site, but found that the market was already saturated.It sits alongside websites like brides from abroad.“I meet women who have been trafficked and prostituted. There are Muslim women across the world fighting this, some at great risk to themselves.”…

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”So what happens, the wondered, when a Second Wife user finds a potential match or two? Khan said, couples can choose to meet in “an appropriate setting [that] is in accordance to Islamic guidelines.”Perhaps it was the unusual blending of a religious custom with modern-day technology, but we found it hard to imagine hordes of religious Muslim men enlisting the Internet to help them find second wives.

British law, however, does not stop unregistered religious ceremonies from taking place.

Most Muslims in Britain do not practice polygamy, but some interpretations of the Quran say that a man may marry two, three, or four women, so long as he can deal justly and fairly with each of them.

But the longer they tolerate this kind of thing, the more difficult that will be to do.

“100,000 Brits sign up for polygamous dating site helping Muslim men find multiple wives,” RT, October 24, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): A website that helps Muslim men find “second wives” in Britain has more than 100,000 users registered, it has been revealed.

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