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Abdul, who is known not only for pop hits such as "Straight Up," but also for her incredible dance moves, told "I love getting nervous, because it's also a form of excitement and it makes me feel alive, you know? But, when asked by "I will always say this: The show was some of the best times for me and being a part of it from the inception was one of the most rewarding and challenging and life-changing aspects in my career. I don't even know, because I'm not even thinking about that.

I'm happy it's coming back, because I love it and I think ABC is wonderful and I love the people over there.

The former judge kept fairly quiet, but was all smiles for the cameras as she carried a large bouquet out to her car.

Before pulling away, John, a Rhode Island businessman, stole a romantic kiss in the car. The two began dating last year, according to Perez, and she’s already met his family.

She could be dating some dude in a three-piece mesh suit and a bright pink capelet.

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In their 50s, they’re having their second child,” she says.Paula Abdul is extremely famous because of her relationships with famous men. This Paula Abdul boyfriend is known as a restaurant owner who is 12 years younger than Paula Abdul. Dante Spencer who is known as a model Paula Abdul boyfriend Dante Spencer went to Emmy Awards in 2005 together with the star who is 13 years older than him.For one year, from 2007 till 2008, Paula Abdul was in a relationship with J. From March of 2003 till the year 2004 Paula Abdul was in a relationship with Colton Melby.Corey Clark himself stated that he was in a relationship with Paula Abdul when he was participating in the TV show “American Idol”.Although Paula Abdul refused to comment on the matter, later it was stated that actually there was no romance between the two.

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