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In contrast, the south, south east, east and the southern midlands receive less than 600 mm of _____ per year. Generally the UK has mild to cool _____ and warm to hot _____ with moderate variation in temperature throughout the year. Novus Ordo Seclorum, freely taken from Virgil, means a new order of the ages. The biggest cities in all the four parts of the country; 3. The average annual amount of sunshine for the United Kingdom is relatively low and around 50% of days are ______. The mountains of Wales, Scotland, the Pennines and the Lake District are particularly _____, with rainfall reaching 3 000 mm a year. Two mottos appear: Annuit Cœptis signifies that Providence has "approved of (our) undertakings.

Fill in the missing information about climate in the UK: The current climate of the United Kingdom is classified as ______. What are the major national groups leaving in the country? The pyramid is conventionally shown as consisting of 13 layers of blocks to refer to the 13 original states. The adopting resolution provides that it is inscribed on its base with the date MDCCLXXVI (1776) in Roman numerals.

Match the parts of the country with their capitals: Exercise 6. The Atlantic Ocean; the North Sea; the Irish Sea; the English Channel; the Straights of Dover; St George's Channel; the North Channel; 2.

______ tends to be the warmest month and the highest temperature recorded was ______ C.

Fill in the gaps in the following text with proper names.

The archipelago off the West coast of Northern Europe, comprising more than 5,500 islands is called ________.

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