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Bristol Palin and John Ziegler Converse on Radio Show Sarah Palin Re-endorses John Ziegler Film On Radio/Facebook The truth about Palin v.Couric The real story behind Kathleen Parker’s bizarre Palin boast Why Dr.Human nature being what it is, I hardly found this surprising and mostly put it in the “annoying” category.That began to change earlier this year when, because I was promoting my just released documentary “Media Malpractice,” I was a co-sponsor of CPAC.Laura should matter to conservatives Journalist list scandal proves media bias Why Obama won’t beat Palin in 2012 Why Palin shouldn’t run in 2012 Media Malpractice: One year later Clearly, Sarah Palin needs help Accuracy is in the eye of the poll-holder Brown’s win not necessarily a harbinger of GOP comeback John Ziegler Debates Lefty Talk Host On Sarah Palin John Ziegler's Review of Going Rogue AP Blows it in Palin Book Analysis Ziegler Offers Olbermann 0K To Debate After ‘Crush on Palin’ Remark!John Ziegler on Olbermann, David Keene, and His Critics I have a really hard time with people who claim to be crusaders for the conservative cause but who are really only in it for either personal and/or economic aggrandizement.

The Death of Andrew Breitbart The Media's "Brokered Convention" Hypocriscy Why Has Sarah Palin Not Been Suspended By Fox News?

For all intents and purposes Keene was acting as an accomplice, after the fact, for a public lynching.

Then I learned of a couple of extreme ethical lapses by Keene in the realm of his personal political allegiances and his political lobbying firm.

I will fully acknowledge that I felt badly mistreated by the selection process, but that did not influence my perception of that procedure, but rather only made it easier for to see and voice what I have witnessed about its obvious flaws.

But the ultimate tipping point for me came a few months ago when David Keene made some statements about Sarah Palin after her resignation that sounded like they could have easily come from Keith Olbermann and not an extremely influential conservative leader.

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