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The final film in Andrew Marr's epic six-part series is a vivid account of Britain in the Second World War.

Marr's story of 'the people's war' begins with the defeat that came to define modern Britain's national spirit: Dunkirk.

and he ordered his minions to take away the barber and give him ten lashes on his buttocks.

The barber fell at the great man's feet and whined: Zill-I-Illahi (Shadow of God), I eat your salt; how can I become a gaddaar (traitor)? 'Every time I utter the word election, your Excellency's hair stands on edge and is much easier to clip. The Lahoree dentist asked him, Surely you have dentists in Islamabad?

I only mentioned elections to make my job easier.'' What do you mean? You did not have to come all this way to have your teeth attended to. In Islamabad we are not allowed to open our mouths, replied the No matter how many ways there are to describe a joke, the purpose behind telling one remains the same – to produce laughter.

We have been hearing the expression: Laughter Is The Best Medicine, for years now.

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and he gave the judgment that the kid would stay with...... And the indians would say that this fly has came from pakistan and it has also some relations with the taliban and a pakistani i-d card would also come out from the fly.

For Andrew Marr, the story of Britain in the 1930s was one of betrayal, political extremism, unemployment and... Bowlers, trilbies, top hats and flat caps were everywhere, as the country descended into chaos when the financial crash on Wall Street engulfed Britain.

Solutions to the national crisis were offered by Britain's most unlikely paramilitaries, the Greenshirts.

The president controlled his temper and remained silent.

At the third hair-clipping session the barber again blurted out: ' Banda Nawaz, the awam (commofi people) are clamouring for elections; when will you order them?

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