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K., supporting more than 1,000 users and spanning more than 40 companies.Leaver specializes in Microsoft system migrations and Exchange Server.These two links show similar issues, which seem to hint at issues with the OAB: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/127616-new-user-account-not-showing-up-in-gal-but-definitely-....https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/359190-user-not-showing-up-in-global-address-list I've been hunting through a LOT of various documents since, and all I can find is that the OAB seems to be generating properly on Exchange.Eventlog shows proper working, any Powershell command tossed shows a good generation of the OAB. If I force a download of the OAB on the client however, an error is tossed: (0x8004010F). For the version for Exchange 2007, click here: Offline Address Book Errors - Exchange 2007 With the introduction of cached mode in Outlook 2003 and higher, the Exchange offline address book has become more critical.This has caused a number of new issues to be seen, or old ones more regularly: If your updated entry is shown then the GAL on the Exchange is up to date.Outlook 2003 and higher cached mode and Offline Folders in older versions of Outlook use the offline address book (OAB). If you make frequent changes to the domain which need to be reflected in the GAL faster than the scheduled update time, then you can change the frequency that the offline address list is updated.While changing rebuild schedule for the OAB isn't recommended by Microsoft, but you may wish to make the change.

Internal Url : https://webmail.mydomain.com/OABInternal Authentication Methods : External Url : https://webmail.mydomain.com/OABExternal Authentication Methods : When checking the GUID for the OAB (Get-Offline Address Book | fl) and using this in both the autodiscover and webmail, along with the GUID resulting in the following URL's, both display the contents of the file properly:/oab.xml"/So the OAB is generated properly (I can see the correct date and time of the last generation on the actual file on the server, both on a forced update, aswell as the eventlog on the server), and is accessable through the URL I'd expect.

So all use the same OAB.4 - Arbitrary mailbox is shown to exist on one of the databases.

I'm not sure what exactly step 5 does, so I've not instigated that one.

Leaver has also been a network administrator for the National Health Service and several large construction companies throughout the U. The process used to move an Exchange 2013 database isn't immediately obvious if you're not familiar with the new platform. Continue Reading A frustrated admin wants to know how to remount his Exchange 2010 database after discovering event ID 5003. Continue Reading One admin's Outlook Anywhere instance won't connect after an Exchange 2010 migration.

Using a single Exchange 2013 server, I've been alerted to atleast one username that is present on the system, and findable in the GAL, but from my troubleshooting seems to be missing from the OAB.

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