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The table that keeps track of the vehicle rate for a particular reservation, named FMRental, has been extended to accommodate discounts to the vehicle rate.

The table that keeps track of the accessories for a reservation, named FMRental Charge, has been extended to accommodate discounts applied to accessories.

When a vehicle is reserved for more than 7 days, the vehicle Fleet Management model calculates savings based on the difference between a vehicle's daily rate and a lower weekly rate.

The plug-in removes the weekly-rate calculation because this same behavior can be accomplished by using discounts.

The Rental, which is contained by the form named FMRental, has been extended to enable the Clerk to apply discounts to a reservation.

The on-screen price summary is updated in real time with savings information related to discounts that can be applied to vehicles and accessories related to the reservation.

The application is designed for use by the Fleet Clerk and Fleet Manager personas.

Reservation information includes reservation dates, customer information, vehicle selection and price, and additional charges such as accessories or fees.In this tutorial, you’ll become familiar with the Fleet Management Extension model.This model contains elements that extend the functionality of the Fleet Management application. Unlike the overlayering capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, extensions don’t overlay the baseline model elements.The additional business logic and data that enables these discount capabilities is stored in the Fleet Management Extension model.The discount capabilities add value to the Fleet management application through three primary customizations.

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