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1856 Clementina Rowe Butler and her husband William arrive as the first Methodist Episcopal Church missionaries to India.

In 1872, they establish a Methodist Episcopal mission in Mexico.

The Methodist Protestant Church is the first to seat women as General Conference delegates.

1894 Sarah Dickey is ordained by the United Brethren Church.

That same year, she co-founds Kingston Methodist Church.

In 1843, she feels "called in the spirit" and begins to travel and preach.

1889 Ella Niswonger is the first woman to be ordained by the United Brethren Church.

1892 Anna Oliver and Amanda Berry Smith share a pulpit in a New Jersey church.

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1880 Anna Howard Shaw and Anna Oliver are refused ordination rights by the Methodist Episcopal General Conference.

1875 Pauline Williams Martindale is ordained an elder in the Methodist Protestant Church.

1876 Anna Oliver, the first woman to graduate from an American seminary, receives a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Boston University School of Theology.

1904 Minnie Jackson Goins of Kansas becomes the first African-American woman to be ordained elder in the United Brethren Church. 1869 Eight women form the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society during a meeting at Tremont Methodist Episcopal Church in Boston.

1906 Martha Drummer, a black deaconess, is sent to Angola by the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 1875 Woman’s Missionary Association of the United Brethren Church is created.

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