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Collectively, these industrial activities yield significant landscape disturbance and habitat loss (3, 4) and add to the controversy regarding water quantity and quality issues (5).The potential and realized emissions of pollutants (6, 7), including greenhouse gases (8) and mercury (9), are also contentious.Rather, coincident with increases in PAHs, climate-induced shifts in aquatic primary production related to warmer and drier conditions are the primary environmental drivers producing marked daphniid shifts after ∼1960 to 1970.Because of the striking increase in PAHs, elevated primary production, and zooplankton changes, these oil sands lake ecosystems have entered new ecological states completely distinct from those of previous centuries.Some of the controversy results from a lack of systematic environmental monitoring of industrial activities before the establishment of the industry-funded Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program (RAMP) in 1997.

Environmental concerns result primarily from the industrial activities associated with surface mining, in situ recovery, and upgrading of bitumen.

Rahco is responsible for transporting the system to Fort Mc Murray and assembling it there, White says.

The equipment is scheduled to be on site and fully operational during the first week of October, he says.

The system will sit off the ground on crawler tracks, which will allow it to be moved if necessary.

White declines for now to say precisely how the conveyor system will be used.

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