Offline updating of microsoft security essentials

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You should review the assessment below, in accordance with your specific configuration, in order to prioritize your deployment.For more information about what these ratings mean, and how they are determined, please see Microsoft Exploitability Index.

See the Affected Software section for a list of affected products.

Where can I find more information about Microsoft antimalware technology? What might an attacker use the vulnerability to do?

For more information, visit the Microsoft Malware Protection Center website. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could execute arbitrary code in the security context of the Local System account and take complete control of the system.

In order to be effective in helping protect against new and prevalent threats, antimalware software must be kept up to date with these updates in a timely manner.

For enterprise deployments as well as end users, the default configuration in Microsoft antimalware software helps ensure that malware definitions and the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine are kept up to date automatically.

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