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There are a few levels of couplehood at Oberlin: the so-clingy-they-might-as-well-be-married couple, the we're-sleeping-together-but-you'd-only-know-that-if-you-asked-us-personally-and-even-then-we-will-probably-be-elusive-about-it couple, and the people-who-like-each-other-and-you-know-they're-together-but-they-don't-advertise couple. I have dates, with many people, all the time, to dinner, lunch, the movies, the library, anything that isn't part of the daily schedule and is fun to boot (I'm also a social whore, but we're not going to get into that right now). It doesn't have to end with a good night hug/kiss (though those are nice too). Well, my friend Sandhya and I created a monster back in our freshman year, and it's begun to manifest itself in strange ways. " mentality, we decided to hold a fundraising date auction, with all the proceeds going to malaria relief, because god knows that Obies will flock to a good cause more quickly than the possibility of a date.

Sandhya got the idea from a friend at Johns Hopkins, and a bit of research showed that it was a relatively new and creative idea and could bring in a bunch of money for a good cause.

In honor of Valentine's Day, I will now write a post about the Oberlin dating scene. There are beautiful people in Oberlin and places to go, so in theory, there could be a dating scene.

The most recent date auction manifestation was hosted on Saturday by the HIV Peer Educators to raise money for the organization Keep A Child Alive, which provides HIV/AIDS treatment and support to people in six countries. Maybe it's because it's mad embarrassing to have to buy a date on Valentine's Day?

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