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Noticed a few people on WSO wanted to improve their game and figured I could help in some sort of way.

Off The tee In general I think making good contact is better than swinging out of your shoes.

For my first set of clubs, how much should I be looking at spending? I have a 3.9 GPA, worked through school, supported family, low income, good extracurricular and still get rejected (wrote about all this in my essay).

I’m in a new city and pay a little more for rent than I would have liked, so I tried to lay some ground rules for myself to help keep spending down.

I want to save aggressively, and pay my student loans off somewhat aggressively, so hopefully this helps: - No eating out during the week, unless i...

A general tip is that if you can't finish the swing in balance you are swinging too fast/out of seque... Over decorative job titles appear bogus Do not embellish the job title. In an effort to make a job title impressive actually you end up making it sound untrue.

Your references might sound incomplete Lying on resume might appear like ...

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