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Plone runs on Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, and many other platforms;double-click installers are available for Windows and Mac OS X, and RPMpackages are available for Linux. All older entries are kept in Changelog========= (2018-05-04)--------------------Bug fixes:- Revert "Some nested `section id="edit-bar"` tag in folder_contents page #2322" which broke some functionality in the folder contents view.[thet]5.1.2 (2018-04-08)------------------New features:- Enhanced output of Advanced Catalog Clear And Rebuild feature.

Better logging with progress and number of objects before and after.

It benefits from all features of Zope/CMF such as: RDBMS integration, Python extensions, Object Oriented Database, Web configurable workflow,pluggable membership and authentication, Undos, Form validation, amongst manymany other features.This is true for any package in the Products namespace that was installed. [maurits]5.1.0 (2018-02-05)------------------New features:- Release Plone 5.1 [esteele]5.1rc2 (2017-11-26)-------------------New features:- Toolbar: Allow configuration of the toolbar and submenu width via pattern variables. [thet]Bug fixes:- Show example for expression in actions control panel. [thet]- Remove site path from path in show_inactive in catalog search [Gagaro]- Don't raise Unauthorized on show_inactive check in catalog search [tomgross]- Bump version.[maurits]- Fixed add-on listed as uninstalled when the default profile is not the first alphabetically. [maurits]- Less variables: Fix calculation of screen max sizes. [thet]- Extract CMFDefault specific config from `meta.zcml` into `meta-bbb.zcml` to allow AT free and AT included sites.Zope itself is written in Python, an easy-to-learn, widely-used and supported Open Source programming language.Python can be used to add new features to Plone, and used to understand or make changes to the way that Zope and Plonework.

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