Norton 360 liveupdate not updating

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Some of these connections happen automatically when the software attempts to communicate with remote Web servers.

Others occur when you perform specific actions as you work on your computer.

If that doesn't fix things, contact your ISP for additional help.If you use Norton 360, click “Tasks” and then click "Run Live Update." Click "OK" when you see "Your Norton Product Now Has the Latest Protection Updates." If you send an email, your Internet Service Provider or your recipient's ISP may display an error message if it thinks the email contains spam, or if you sent an attachment that's larger than the ISP permits.That error message says, "Your email was unable to send because the connection to mail server was interrupted." You could also see the message if the email address you entered is incorrect or it doesn't exist.You are using Norton Antivirus but your virus protection definition is not latest, it is outdated and you want to update Norton antivirus or any other Norton product.Norton has provided a functionality to update Norton products that is called “Norton Live Update”.

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